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GOOGLE ANALYTICS for smaller companies
K. van der Pomp
  • Install account and tracking
  • Create automated report card
  • Weekly insight report with recommendations

Ideal for:

startups and SMB's
icon rating €299 / per month
VOICE as a new customer channel
C. van Cleef.
  • 3x1 hour VOICE explainer presentation
  • CRM integration plan
  • 5 scripts for A/B testing

Ideal for:

telco, retail, e-commerce, travel
icon rating €799 / once off
INSTAGRAM for fashion brands
S. Didier.
  • 3 original posts per week
  • 20% follower growth per week
  • ongoing channel engagement

Ideal for:

fashion, retail, luxury
icon rating €399 / per month

Questions You Might Have

  • How can I create a package and start selling?

    First you need to create a profile and get approved. Once you sign onto the platform, you'll get access to your dashboard. Go to the navigation on the left and click on package to create your first package. Just fill out the template, list your price and post your package. It wlll be added to our search and you can receive messages or buy requests from clients directly.
  • How can I price my packages?

    You decide your own price. We recommend you to think about the value and service you provide to the company or agency and price accordingly. If you like to get a second opinion, feel free to message us through our chat in the right hand corner.
  • How much is your fee/commission?

    For packages we add a match fee of 20% on your list price. If you have a paid subscription that fee will come down to 10% or 15% depending which tier you've chosen.