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Questions You Might Have

  • What is the process to be considered a marketing expert?

    We believe in the power of networks and the first pool of marketing experts are sourced directly through our connections and those of recruitment and executive search partners. We will open up the expert pool through our platform in Q1 - 2019. Dutch freelancers and in-house marketers can apply today and create a profile as an expert. We will review each submission and add you to the pool if you hit the mark.
  • How can big brand marketers join as an expert?

    Many corporate marketers have deep or cuttting edge expertise. Their peers could benefit talking to them and learn about their expertise. No more reinventing the wheel or make expensive mistakes others made already. We start with offering half or full day advice: short bursts to understand where and how to play. This will build reputation for corporate marketers and provide an interesting way to increase earning potential in addition to your regular job.
  • How do I hire an expert?

    Once you've created an account and your profile is approved you'll get access to our platform. The platform is only accesible for approved freelancers, experts and clients to foster a positive and quality experience. You can search based on tag matching across industry, skills, channels and tools. You can sent experts a message from your dashboard. If it's a match you simply click hire, provide payment details and send the contract for sign-off to the expert.