Keep marketing manageable by incentivizing network collaboration

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Hundreds of marketing channels, 5000+ marketing tools. Where and how to play?

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The shelf life of marketing know-how is less than 6 months. How to keep up and stay smart?

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Thousands of marketing specialists. How to connect with those on top of their trade?

HelloMaaS DNA:
Decentralized marketing powered by Blockchain.

Discover new ways of working to unlock huge value for those willing to give it a go! Join us on the journey to launch in 2019.

Benefits of a decentralized marketing agency:

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No middleman - save time to get matched

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No commissions - saves about 15-20% on fees

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Immutable reputation scores - less chance for bad hires

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Community based arbitration - conflict resolution for unhappy collaborations

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Rewards for community contributions - grow and benefit together

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The 4-step process:


Create a tutorial based on deep expertise.


Get feedback from peers to validate and improve content.


License your tutorial content. HelloMaaS take care of distribution.


Amplify your reach, build a powerful reputation, create more value.