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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you offer freelancers?

    We offer different ways to work and aim to improve your freelance experience through our platform:
    1. Our search engine recommends you to clients looking for specific skills and experiences. All you need to do is frequently log in and respond to client inquiries. No more need for active customer acquisition.
    2. Review the list of projects and respond with ideas. You can message directly with clients and find project in new areas to grow your skills.
    3. Apply as an expert to monetize proven experience in half or full day sessions with clients or agencies.
    4. Offer a fixed price marketing package as a once off (implement a tool or set up a channel) or ongoing (content production, community management, dashboard creation etc).
  • Tell me about your onboarding criteria

    Every marketing professional with two years or more of professional experience and a proven track record can sign up. We review each profile for accuracy, quality and completeness as part of your onboarding process. In some cases we might involve our partners in the marketing and media recruitment business. We will shortly include references from former clients to make sure we grow a quality group of talent on the platform at scale.
  • What do you charge?

    Your HelloMaaS membership is FREE. You can create a package or apply as an expert at no additional cost. We add a match fee once a client buys your services. It's more cost effective to sign up for a paid membership when you want to sell more packages, provide expert advice on more than one topic or freelance more than 15 hours a week. We're totally transparent on our fees and you can find more details here